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Clarins Tri-Active Spa Treatments

Clarins renowned Tri-active Face & Body treatments combine high-performing plant extracts with the power of Clarins manual massage movements. A highly personalised consultation before each treatment allows our expert beauty therapists to create a targeted, made-to-measure experience with proven results you will both see and feel. Clinically proven, immediate contouring results which last!


Clarins Optimised Tri-Active Facial

1hr 30 mins – £65


Includes a 25 minute anti-ageing massage which lifts, reshapes and firms (Clarins RRP £75)

Clarins Optimised Tri-Active Spa Facial Experience

2hrs 10 mins – £85


As per our Clarins Optimised Tri-Active Facial but also includes: an additional back, neck and scalp massage which offers a complete well-being treatment.

We recommend use of the sauna prior to this treatment to aid maximum benefits. (Clarins RRP £95)


Contour Shaper

1hr 25 mins – £70


An intensive treatment to sculpt and firm your body…

Includes over an hour of contouring massage to deeply drain and firm for more refined body contours.

A thermo-activated body mask boosts micro-circulation to target areas of stubborn and newly forming cellulite. Your skin will look and feel firm, soft and smooth. Clinically proven* immediate contouring results which last!

Moisture Quencher

1hr 25 mins – £70


Restores softness, suppleness and comfort to parched or dry skin.

Using a blend of aromatic essential oils, this treatment includes over an hour of moisture replenishing and cocooning massage and a deeply hydrating body mask to restore comfort to dry, dehydrated skin. Your body will feel soft, smooth and velvet to the touch.

Skin Smoother

45 mins – £30


An intensive double exfoliation treatment to deep cleanse and re-texture skin.

This complete exfoliating treatment is the ideal preparation for all Clarins Body Treatments.

Using both mechanical and biological exfoliation techniques, it promotes extremely soft, bright and more evenly toned skin.


Clarins Melting Honey Hot Stone Massage

1hr 15 mins – £60


A Clarins Classic…

Choose from Relax or Tonic Massage Honey gel.

Clarins Re-balancing Body Massage

1hr 20 mins – £60


A bespoke full body massage…

Combining energising movements and pressure point techniques, this is a rhythmic body therapy treatment that not only releases tension but also restores vitality using Clarins tonic or relax essential body oils.

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