Meditation Classes


Meditation Classes

8 week courses - Next Course beginning soon! Please contact us to find out more and reserve your place.

The cost of the 8 week course includes:

  • Hand-outs.
  • Accompanying book.
  • Online support and recorded meditations.
  • An hour and a half live online tuition a week.

8 week course

£220.00 per person

Thursdays 7pm - 8.30pm

Drop in 1 hour sessions

£10 per person

Wednesdays 9am - 10am

One-one tuition sessions

£20 per person

Book direct with Vicky

Meet Vic - Our Mindfulness and Meditation teacher

Vic Potterton is a Zenways accredited Mindfulness and Meditation teacher who uses the ancient tools of Zen meditation and mindfulness practice to bring increased health, vitality, awareness and energy into everyday life.

A passionate meditator with over 10 years of experience, Vic has seen the amazing shifts and results that come when people begin to meditate and learn to quiet the internal stream of thoughts, worry, and chatter. At the moment, when we may be battling with anxiety, worry, depression and future uncertainty, meditation not only provides a place of inner calm and refuge but helps us build our resilience to stress and build healthier, happier lives.

As part of our Time Out team, Vic will be delivering 8-week Mindfulness and Meditation courses focused on increasing health and wellbeing and stress proofing our lives. Vic will be offering the 8 –week classes online and in small face to face groups. There will also be the opportunity to join weekly drop- in meditation classes or book in for a one to one-guided session. The classes are perfect for beginners and those wanting to find tools for dealing with stress, anxiety, physical discomfort or difficult emotions.

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